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An all digital election in Honolulu did not go as planned apparently.  They had an 83% drop in voters!  The neighborhood board election drew 44,000 voters last year, but this year rang up only 7,300.  This was the United States’ first all-digital election, where people could vote by internet or phone.  Conventional wisdom would hold that making voting easier this way would increase participation not decrease.

The cost of running the digital voting was half the cost of traditional paper ballots and manned polling stations – so both convenience and cost were on the side of the all-digital format.  But alas, the Hawaiians did not find it so convenient, or perhaps trustworthy as the article points out.  An interesting disruption to the idea that new technology will always be better.  I think eventually it will be the way of voting, but perhaps making it all digital in one year was too quick.

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