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Victor Davis Hanson has some advice for Sarah Palin, but also a little reflection on her time in the spotlight.  In his summation he states:

While we rightly argue that the Sarahs of the world, if they are to be taken seriously as leaders, must read and study more, why do we not also suggest that the Baracks of the world could do a little more chain-sawing, run a coffee shop for a summer, or drive a Winnebago cross-country? (Who knows, he might meet a fellow woodcutter who knew there were 50 states or that it was dumb to make fun of the Special Olympics.)

The salt-of-the-earth vs. coastal elites is a theme that Hanson plays on often, and one that I go back and forth on myself.

I’d written here and here about Palin and people’s reaction to her and how though I was/am not a fan, I also don’t despise her as some do.  However it appears she has aspirations of sticking around as a national figure now that she has been elevated to that level, so it remains to be seen if time helps or hurts her perception.

So maybe it’s time for another poll!!

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Convenient II

Powerline has a post that elaborates on a column by Victor Davis Hanson, and slightly along the lines of the Convenient post I wrote earlier, about a seeming double-standard in reporting & condemning scandals or ill-behavior amongst republicans and not against democrats.  VDH wrote a very intriguing column and I highly suggest you check it out.  VDH is not playing sore loser, but genuinely wants equity:

Nor is there any regret whatsoever that liberals of good faith thankfully scrutinize the bad judgment and even criminal activity of wayward conservatives. The problem instead is why we continuously consider liberal transgressions as misdemeanors and their conservative counterparts as felonies.

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