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Occasionally this CAI writer will chime in to his local paper to respond to an editorial or another writer.  Here is the latest exchange.

Press-Telegram Letters to the editor (11/13/09):

Honored by street sweepers

On Veterans Day, when the U.S. Post Office is closed, when the banks are closed to salute our military brethren, when schools are closed to allow students to remember those brave young men and women who served so heroically, when City Hall is closed to give families time to gather and give thanks to those who serve and fight for our freedom, I wanted to thank you for having our street sweepers work so that they could cite me with a $47 ticket while I stayed home on Wednesday to reflect on my service, the service of my family and those who have contributed to our nation’s democracy. I feel so honored.

Felix Mendoza Jr.
Captain, USMC
Long Beach

Press-Telegram Letters to the editor (11/16/09):

Trivial honor

Re “Honored by sweeper” (Letters, Nov. 13):

While I greatly appreciate what Captain Felix Mendoza Jr. and others do for our country, I am a bit troubled by his offense at receiving a street sweeping violation on Veterans Day.

If he were caught speeding on the freeway should he not get flagged? If he parked in a handicap zone and was, in fact, not handicapped should he not be fined? Veterans Day does not absolve our rules and regulations any more than Halloween does. Maybe it’s the sad state of how our soldiers have been treated in the past that they now look to having no street-sweeping as an honor.

I hope Capt. Mendoza is shown his absolute due respect and honor, but I also hope he doesn’t always seek it out in such trivial matters.

Mark Stump
Long Beach

Don’t know if you all agree or not.  I absolutely love our soldiers and am awed by the service they perform… but it definitely seemed silly to me.

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