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Quick post this morning about all the townhall meetings that are taking place about the proposed Health Care Insurance Reform bills in congress.  I haven’t followed any too closely but it’s hard not to get a daily dose of a headline talking about a senator being shouted down, or angry protesters at these meetings.  The biggest headline though coming out of all this, in my opinion, is the continual comparison of these protesters to nazis.  House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said that they were carrying swastikas to the meetings, and now this morning I saw the clip below  on Powerline of White House spokesman Bill Burton claiming that again the protesters were carrying swastikas, and dressing up as Hitler:

This would be a stupid statement on behalf of the protesters if it’s true.  But unfortunately I have yet to see a video or picture of it in person.  I have seen video of people being roughed up by union thugs at a townhall meeting, and video of Obama supporters bused in to help even the numbers at another meeting, but no Hitlers yet.

If you have seen any links or images of this please post them in our comments… because otherwise I would be very disgusted with this dialogue coming from our nations leader (Burton) and the democratic party leadership (Pelosi).  A bit of a straw man don’t you think?


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