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The AP is running a story about Californian John Marcotte who is trying to get signatures to support a ballot measure that will ban divorce as a response to a ban on gay marriage.  I find this not only amusing, but exactly what was talked about in the comments to this post from last year.  Marcotte has no aspirations that this measure will ever become anything, but sees it more as a movement to try make voters rethink why they want to ban gay marriage.

“Since California has decided to protect traditional marriage, I think it would be hypocritical of us not to sacrifice some of our own rights to protect traditional marriage even more,” the 38-year-old married father of two said.

If you think marriage needs to be protected then it seems logical that this step would be a natural progression on the gay marriage ban.  But the fact that most people would blanch at this idea, should cause some to reconsider their thinking process on proposition 8 which passed last year.  Surely, many people supported prop 8 for reasons other than “protecting the sanctity of marriage”, but for those that didn’t, this satirical measure should be right up their alley… right?

I’ve never heard a good clarification from a supporter of traditional marriage, as to why making divorce illegal wouldn’t be even more justified than banning gay marriage, so if you have one please let fly.


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Disturbing Tolerance

I’ve been trying to figure out how to write this post as I have mixed feelings about the subject – that being Prop. 8, banning same-sex marriages.  For the record I voted No on Prop. 8.  I don’t feel that we should limit the ability of homosexuals to marry each other, and confer on their partners the benefits that result from that union.  I believe that as Christians we should not legislate our morality and force people to conform to our beliefs by making them into laws.  (note: this does not include abortion, as I believe that is taking a life which goes against secular and Christian morals)

However I am exceedingly disappointed and disturbed by the protests that are taking place by opponents of Prop. 8.  We as Americans have the right to protest, and as annoying as they can be for commuters and people in disagreement, they are a right.  But Michelle Malkin (a huge supporter of Prop. 8) has a post on the uproar and the vandalism and violence that have come along with it.  I find this behavior disturbing because it is the equivalent of what many minority groups have fought to get rid of; the intimidation and violence against their personal choices.  Gays have made huge strides in becoming part of the mainstream culture (in fact they are probably represented in our pop culture more than they are actually represented as a percentage of the population) and in most respects do not have to face the gay-bashing and fear that many felt for so many years.  I live in Los Angeles which has a large gay population, so this may not be the experience of gays throughout America.  But here are the opponents of Prop. 8, who are not all homosexuals, and they are punching people, and destroying property, and generally using the same tactics that gays faced in the first place.  Is that purposeful to show others what they had to go through?  I doubt it.  It feels like people who are unwilling to let a democracy work.  They believe a right is forbidden for them and they are lashing out.  But guess what, there are rights I believe we should have as well that we don’t have and I don’t go beating people down about it.  The proper and most reasonable method is to continue to get your message across and educate people about your position.  This behavior is certainly not that.


Malkin refers to McCarthyism in her post, and I would have to agree.  On election day a friend had sent me this link, to tell me what churches, businesses, political leaders, and general “assholes” to boycott or protest against.  Here are people who are holding a view that are being singled out and harassed because their view did not suit someone else.  I think I can understand the anger of gay opponents of Prop. 8, this is their life and they want to be able to live it how they want.  But they are protesting against it by making it so others can not live their lives the way they want.  This is a backwards mentatlity and I fear it will only lead to people feeling less inclined to listen to them about their genuine issues.

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