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Our dear friends and traitors former writers/co-founders Greg and Elijah recently celebrated the 2-year anniversary of their blog, Lost in the Cloud.  Sharp readers will see the correlation between them leaving and the precipitous decline in CAI’s monthly posts – oh well.   I would be remiss if I didn’t celebrate them – even though they proceeded to write some of the most popular posts on the entire interweb (see link above) that could have made CAI world famous.

If only because Greg is my brother, I can’t hold a grudge.  The twice a year we see each other would be terribly awkward.  (sorry Boog!)  The twice a decade I see Elijah is even worse.

Anyway – if you’ve never checked out their blog, then now is the time.  They’ve even provided quick links to their favorites of the last two years.  Good work, fellas  – we are proud of you and hope you keep it up for another 2 years.  Then it’s probably time to retire… I mean, honestly how many NOTW’s and Fairie’s Aire’s can you have in a lifetime???  At least we got one of them.


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So, I’ve been seeing a sticker around the Christian university where I work splashed on the rear windows, or in one case, on the passenger door, of cars on campus for some time that has odd-looking symbols on it that actually turn out to be letters: n-o-t-w.  The design has kind of a pseudo-edgy look to it, like the adolescent scrawlings in the margin of a spiral notebook during 5th period history class.

Subliminal George W. Bush haters.  Not W.

Subliminal George W. Bush haters.

The letters “n-o-t-w,” I have discovered, stand for “not of this world” and the logo is displayed not only on stickers, but many other items (see below). This logo is apparently part of a Christian merchandise brand called C28–an explanation from their website:

C28 is not your typical Christian accessory store. C28 (which stands for Col. 2:8) is a Christian store chain, offering a positive alternative to secular mall stores. The unique selection of Christian hats and beanies, Christian Gift ideas, Christian belt buckles, Bible covers, Christian buttons, Christian belts, Christian patches, Christian wristbands, Christian tote bags, Youth Group t shirts, Christian stickers, Christian Youth T-shirts, and Christian purses display a positive, godly, Christian lifestyle. Our message is Not Of This World (NOTW), and all about Jesus. (more…)

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