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I noticed today on our blog dashboard an incoming link from The New Yorker website blog.  The writer, one Ben Greenman, from that venerable publication highlighted his “top 5” end of year music lists and included ours in his review.  How delightful!  As I clicked to find out more information about Mr. Greenman, I found a link to a collection of short stories he had written (“Superbad”–unrelated, I believe, to the film with Michael Cera and that fat, fro’d kid/adult from all of the Judd Apatow movies).  The cover of the collection of stories displayed a work by one of my favorite painters, Mark Tansey.  Immediately, I knew I liked this guy (and I bought his book!).  So HIS best of best of the year list has now made MY best of best of best of lists!

My only other entry in this meta-category is from Lareghearted Boy, who each year compiles a mind-numbing amount of best of lists, which is a perfect way to spend/waste 4-5 hours of your life.  What a service to give to the community of list obsessed web surfers…

As a teaser, I will say that I am planning on jumping on the “decade” bandwagon and putting out a “best culture of the 21st century” list soon.  Perhaps Elijah would be interested in publishing such a list in tandem?

[ELIJAH ADDS] Speaking of lists, don’t forget to check out our fine collection of oft updated lists:

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