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I have made an observation in my life that I wish to share with you. Somewhere in the last 2 television seasons 30 Rock has become much funnier than The Office. There it is. Drink it in and prepare your rebuttal.

theofficeI was a latecomer to the U.S. version of The Office (which is ironic since I worked at the studio that produced it and had access to it before it was even on the air) mostly because I felt devoted to the British version and didn’t want to sully the memory of that great show with what must be the inferior American version. However, beginning in the 2nd season of The Office I found myself watching it with my roommates and became hooked. I realized that Greg Daniels, the exec. producer, had cleverly created an entirely different world then the British version, and wasn’t in fact copying it down the line (though they certainly did in the pilot). Michael Scott wasn’t impersonating David Brent, they were different characters… and it was hilarious. Who wouldn’t love “Michael Scarn”, or Pam and Jim’s flirtation, or lines like:

You cheated on me?  When I specifically asked you not to?

30rockAnd then, right about the time I was falling for The Office, along came a show by Tina Fey called 30 Rock, which I had previously known and read as “The Untitled Tina Fey Project” – a very funny script, but also one that had been pushed back to a later development cycle, and which was also getting a little less publicity than it’s drama doppelganger “Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip“.  I watched from time to time and thought it had funny moments, in between the million barbs aimed at republicans, but it didn’t have my undivided attention.

Well the tables have turned.  30 Rock is the funniest show on television right now.  Jack Donaghy and Liz Lemon would eat Michael Scott and Jim Halpert up and spit them out if they crossed paths.  Lemon’s sarcastic self-loathing and Donaghy’s self-righteous narcissism are a duo that can’t be beat.  Maybe once Fey realized that a democrat was going to be in office she toned down the bashing of conservatives, or maybe the writers have just gotten into a rhythm… like Seinfeld after a few seasons.  Whatever the case, every time I see a teaser for 30 Rock all I can think is – “I want to go to there.”

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