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You might remember from a while ago that I was debating whether or not to join Facebook.  Not only did I join, but now have started a fan page for our blog as well.  So we now have a social networking outlet for our social networking blog.  Basically we can try and create a vicious cycle of circular posting & re-posting… until we finally just join twitter and forward news from everyone else.

So… become a fan today.  If you like.  Make a comment here, or there… or on our MySpace account.  Just kidding – I think.

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To Facebook or Not To Facebook


Soooo, I have been treading a narrow line lately about whether or not to join the rest of the world and create a Facebook account.  I have long felt that social networking sites were predatory places for the frat boys and – pardon my french – sluts.  However my wife has an account and I have lurked occasionally and seen that, for the most part, it is not people posting semi-nude self-portraits or asking you to listen to their band.  It does seem to be a great way to stay connected and find out what people are up to with their lives, and to quickly communicate to a large group what is going on in yours.  I have many friends that I don’t see often enough, and it would be nice to stay more in touch.

I am annoyed though with the idea of people sending you cyber-drinks, or ‘pokes’ or whatever.  It seems like something for jr. high girls.  But again, like I said there is something that is drawing me in.  I feel like for me it would be the ultimate “did so and so get fat”, or “guess who got real hot after high school.”  But wouldn’t that get old after a week or two of browsing.  Anyway, I am on the fence.

Thoughts on Facebook?

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Do you like making lists?  I certainly do.  Who doesn’t?  It’s a great way to channel one’s obsessive-compulsive tendencies and by some stroke of chance a list might actually prove a useful investment of one’s time.  It’s quite a therapeutic thing to pause and think about things in our lives with a little bit of rigidity.  Make a list of your “Top Ten Musical Artists,” “Top Ten Films,” “Top Ten Places I’ve Been,” “Top Ten Places I’d Like to Go,” etc.  We can even compare our lists to others’ lists and in this way we may enlighten one another.  Much of the “culturing” that I have experienced is due to various lists that Greg has composed.  Currently we at Criticism As Inspiration even have three pages dedicated to making lists.

In 2004 Lisa Nola and Adam Marks created Listography.com, which was made public in 2006.  I’ve just stumbled upon this website recently (thanks to Lindsay).  It can loosely be considered a social networking site (like Facebook or Myspace), but its simplicity and open-endedness make it especially attractive to me and for the past two days (not constantly, but it might have been if I had no responsibilities) I have been using it to compose lists of things that I think about such as music, visual art, literature, and God.  It has been wonderful to reflect upon the books that I’ve read, works of art that I’ve seen, and albums that I have listened to.

I encourage you to start making lists on your own (without Listography) if you don’t already, and if you have a great passion for making lists—as I do—you ought to visit Listography and start up an account.  I am no expert on Listography yet, but I definitely recommend it.

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