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Sorry for the disturbing lack of posts here at CAI.  Ironically when our writers are off for the summer (Pete) they write less than they do when they are working – our lucky children.  Kidding, Pete.

For myself, I can only claim grad school and an about to be one year old for my limited postings.  So for your temporary amusement – until our next post arrives – I offer you the chance to visit another site I’m proud to be a part of and which has recently undergone some drastic changes.  Formerly Among the Thugs is now… Yanks Call It Soccer.  Enjoy.

The Thugs are all now cleaned and scrubbed.

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As you may have remembered from last September, I am a supporter of Chelsea FC of London.  Well, the club has welcomed me into the fold by being title contenders all season long – and now with only 2 games remaining we must win on Sunday against Liverpool to have any chance of winning the title.  Man U is short on our heels, and any slip up from Chelsea will most surely give them the edge.  So be watching, or at least praying, for our beautiful Blues this Sunday.  It won’t be easy.

So I bid you a wonderful weekend, and a joyous uplifting song to carry you (and me) through Sunday.  Blue IS the color.

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