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I saw this link on Drudge the other day about secret “Jesus” codes inscribed on weapons.  I figured it was probably silly and ignored… but today I saw it again, still thought it must be silly, but checked it out.  Guess what, I think it is silly.  The article is all about this Michigan-based company Trijicon, that has contracts with a couple different branches of the military to provide rifle sights and optics.  The problem apparently is that the company identifies itself as a Christian faith-based organization and admits to stamping bible references next to model numbers on their product, such as here:

Translation: Jesus says, "convert or die!!!"

I have two thoughts on this.

  1. As a military contractor this company would probably have been wise to not put any scripture references or what not on their products.  The upside is minimal if anything (encouragement to a Christian soldier who discovers it???).  And the downside is what is currently taking place… a media denouncement of a Christian crusade.  A private company providing services to people that ask for them and listing bible verses on their product (such as In-N-Out and their verses) is different than being a parts supplier for the government and Trijicon should know that.  I’m not saying Christian-run companies shouldn’t supply the military… but it’s not too much to ask them not to embed stuff on their supplies.
  2. I challenge the media to explain how this could even remotely proselytize an Afghan or Iraqi person?  The process would need to follow this path: kill an American soldier in order to have access to their weapon – randomly happen upon a small inscription on the weapon – decipher the fact that out of 14 characters (in English mind you) on this inscription, that 6 refer to a verse found in the bible – have a bible handy to look up this verse (likely) – know how to read English and be willing to read a text that is most likely forbidden by your religion – say a prayer and convert to Christianity.

I’m not saying this is a huge story that is being blown out of proportion, since I’ve only seen it mentioned on Drudge… but it is just the type of story that makes you realize why people go to journalism school – to learn how to make something out of nothing.

Let me know if I am wrong and you see bigger implications in Trijicon’s verses.  I’m sure Christian’s would get all fired up if some Wiccan literature ended up in some military supplies, but I would think that is ridiculous too.  With all the things that we could be concerned about in this nation, this ranks pretty far down the ladder for me.


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