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The Invisible Man As Art

As Elijah has chided reminded me… he is doing much more posting on CAI these days than your humble author.  I wholeheartedly apologize, and blame my work schedule, grad school, and my beautiful, adorable, precious, amazing, stunning and perfect little daughter.

Apology done, now may I direct you to some brilliant pictures by Chinese artist, Liu Bolin, who is making a statement against the suppression of art in China.  The time and effort to produce these would seem to be quite extensive, and the resulting images are very unique and interesting.  Take a look.



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It’s been centuries since I’ve posted a Weekly Wandering, and to my two devoted readers I sincerely apologize.  To restate the purpose of my Weekly Wanderings, I scour the Internet for interesting videos/articles/images/etc. regarding just about anything I find interesting enough to share with the fine readers of Criticism As Inspiration.  But I’ve recently been out of steam (to admit my weaknesses is a weakness of mine) and not much I’ve seen as of late has especially captivated me…until this:

This video (thanks to Wallpaper* [a magazine about an infinite number of things from architecture to media]) is a wonderful little video about a house (a “Sliding House”) that a guy named Ross Russell (I’ve never seen so many double consonants in a name) had built with his friend, architect Alex De Rijke, for Mr. Russell and his wife Sally.  It’s a snazzy little place—probably my dream house—and most of it is composed of framed glass when it is not obscured by a MASSIVE TWENTY-TON MOVABLE SLEEVE WITH BEAUTIFUL TIMBER CLADDING.  My “caps lock” key apparently got stuck…

Mr. Russell confesses, “I’ve never built a house before,” but I think that an international law should be passed that only he can build houses from now on.  At least when your sleeve breaks down you can still say you don’t live in this:




Now if only I posted a picture of this,

Kurt Wenner's 3D street art

Stolen from Sgt. Grumble's "Hell" post

my post could maybe top a grand like Sgt. Grumbles’.

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