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I’ve felt this for a long time – but the Trayvon Martin case has re-upped the quotient of people classifying something as a “hate crime“.  The problem is that there is no such thing as a “friendship crime” or “love crime” – if you commit a crime… you rob someone, or kill someone, you are engaging in hate.  There is no need, or even the ability, to further classify it.

It is not against the law to be racist.  Or homophobic.  Or xenophobic.  But it is against the law to rob and kill.

Is someone more dead if they were killed by a racist?  Is someone less dispossessed of their money if they are robbed by someone who is not racist?

And what is the purpose of classifying something as a hate crime?   It is to impose stricter penalties against the perpetrators.  So if you rob me, you get 3 months – you rob a black man while being racist, you get 6 months.  Is that equal justice?

I would love to see comments supporting this, because there is no logic behind it in my mind.

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