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I live in Colorado and love to surf. I'm in my mid 40's, and I'm just now learning the sport. I am an assistant principal, a husband, and father of two amazing girls. I'm an expert skier, skilled snowboarder, learned guitar player, and enthusiastic writer. Right now, though, surfing is my happy place. I think about it constantly. I surf mostly in Huntington Beach, CA. I grew up in Long Beach, which is pretty close. I use a Bruce Jones 7'4" funboard, but I also own a 6'5" shortboard, which I aspire to be able to ride. I like to surf with my brother, Pete. For some reason, I have the most fun with him. I think he understands and appreciates my new passion more than anyone else. He's also a very cool person all around. So, I get to surf only one week a year. The rest of the year, I think about it, read about it, watch surf videos, watch surf reports and web cams, and train.

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