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Why I like Tim Tebow

The day after the Broncos lost to the Patriots and ended their winning streak, one of my Facebook friends posted the following on his status update:

“Can we shut up about Tebow now. One of the most overrated a-holes in the NFL.”

I definitely take issue with this post. It clearly shows that my friend in no way understands the Tim Tebow excitement.

First of all, Tim Tebow is not overrated. On the contrary, I have heard almost nothing but criticism for his skills as a quarterback, especially his throwing skills. He, himself, is probably his own harshest critique. What we like about him is that he’s over-achieving.

Secondly, — he’s not an a-hole. I find him to be the complete antithesis of such a character. He has carried himself with far more dignity and class than we’ve become accustomed to expect from professional athletes. So far, I’ve heard of no DUIs, wife-beatings, womanizing, dog fighting, tax evasion, or anything else that cause me to put him into an “a-hole” category.  Instead, we see exemplary sportsmanship, positive personality, humble interviews, and unprecedented determination.

Well, then there’s the Christian thing. I will concede that I’ve always had cognitive dissonance over the role God plays in professional sports. It’s kind of troublesome — while God gives one team a victory, the other gets a defeat, so is it divine intervention? Does prayer or faith really play into it? Or is it really just that one team is better than the other? Furthermore, I would venture to guess that God has much more important endeavors than the outcome of a Bronco game. But that’s just not the point when it comes to Tebow.

The Tebow point is this: He has turned his talents, successes, and celebrity over to Christ. Tebow’s success and subsequent attributions to God inspires all Christians to give God the glory in our lives. I certainly don’t know the guy personally, so I certainly can’t question his true heart. Does he give God the glory because he believes that it will help him win football games? Or does he win football games so he can inspire people to follow Christ? I don’t know. I do know that I’ll take his antics over Randy Moss’s any day.

I was disappointed by the loss to the Patriots, and I hope it doesn’t spoil the momentum, but it’s not going to make me shut up about Tebow. I will shut up about Tebow, however, if he’s unable to display the same quality of character in defeat as he does in victory.

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Nobody has posted anything on this blog in a long time. I’m wondering why that is. Are all the writers too busy? Have past discussions gotten too divisive? Do we have different blogs that we like better? Hmmm? Or is it possibly because of the ridiculous state of politics in America right now?

Whatever the reasons, I miss our fights, so I’ve written a few jabs, just to remind everyone of how fun it was to spar over that which we cannot change and, in truth, don’t completely understand:

1. Obama should be very beatable in 2012, but the group of republican candidates are so weak that he still might win.

2. Right now the essential difference between those of us who vote Democrat and those who vote Republican is which lies we choose to believe.

3. The Democrats plan to fund payroll tax cuts was wealth re-distribution — take some tax money from the rich to give it to the middle class and poor. Bad idea. The republicans plan was also wealth re-distribution — take jobs away from middle class people and give that money to other middle class and poor people. Worse idea. I understand that they’ve reached a compromise, and I don’t know what it looks like, but I’m pretty sure it will amount to the worst combination of the two ideas…and a controversial pipeline from Alaska.

4. Just a reminder: Newt Gingrich had his own affair at the same time he tried to impeach Bill Clinton for having an affair.

5. He also opposes child labor laws.

6. My pick of the Republican candidates: Newt Gingrich.

7. My prediction: Tim Tebow will become the next John Elway. And then he’ll run for president. And I’ll vote for him regardless of his opinions.

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